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How to Choose the Best Book Light from 4 Categories?

4 Book Lights Have Different  Features&Functions

Book light is generally referred to reading light or book reading light. Specifically, it’s an electric light that sheds light on reading material; for people who want to read at night, do some reading under sheets, or even do some knitting, a suitable book reading light may come in handy. 

Reading light is of vital importance in our daily life, and the intended purposes of use may differ for various users.For instance, the juveniles may use a LED book light to do school work, while the middle-aged prefer working at night in the study room with the book lights.However, with all the types and functions, some may keep wondering how to choose the best book lights? Provided you want to pick the best book lights for yourself or as gifts, some factors need to be taken into account when you are selecting.

In the first place, you should figure out what kind of occasion you’ll need the book lights. For example, an avid reader may want to use a book light for reading in bed, and a knitter is allowed to be hands-free when knitting or the painter can draw more precisely with portable reading light. Therefore, you need to think about the everyday use of a reading book light if you need one.

The second consideration is the light effect.A good reading light allows you to choose a suitable light mode based on your needs, such as reading in bed, knitting in the dark, working at night, etc. The diversity of light effects applies to various situations; there are usually 3 proper color temperatures and 6 brightness levels. Consequently, you need to combine these 2 factors and decide which is the best book reading light for you. 

Book lights are currently categorized in 4 main types and come with a wide range of features and shapes: Neck Light, Amber Book Light, Clip On Light, and Book Light for Kids. You will be able to pick the most desirable book lights after reading the following article.

Neck Light


Neck light or neck reading light distinguishes from the conventional book lights clipped on books. A neck reading light is designed in a U-shape with two lamp heads emitting the light. You can hang it around your neck to set your hands free. The latest neck reading lights have new functions, such as color temperature adjustable, brightness levels adjustable, and even a timing function.

The kind of lighting we use and prefer heavily depends on the situation, but first, we should know more about the color temperature. Briefly, the color temperature refers to a black object whose spectrum mostly resembles that of a given light source, and it’s measured in Kelvin degrees on a scale from 1,000 to 10,000. Moreover, the Kelvin temperature for household and commercial lighting usually falls on a scale from 2000k to 6500k. With different color temperatures, there are 3 commonly used color temperatures, namely “amber lights” (around 1800k), “warm lights,” which have low color temperatures (2700k-3000k), and “ cool lights,”are higher color temperatures are offered instead (over 5000k).

color temperature chart for reading book lights

What people prefer on the lighting counts on our personal tastes, and it’s pretty subjective.Caucasians, for example; most of them share a common preference to warm lights. The outdated version of neck book reading light has only 1 or 2 color temperatures. However the latest neck light has 3 color temperatures of 1800k, 4500k, and 6000k, which are used for reading before sleep, general reading, and precise working, respectively. Each lighting head owns an independent switch for 3 brightness levels dimmable.


Choosing a suitable neck reading light requires you to consider the situation you need more frequently. If you prefer reading in bed, a neck reading light can be your best choice; as it’s partner-friendly, the lights on both ends always control the beam angle within 90°, which means your reading won’t cause any interference to your partner or roommate. It’s also a rechargeable, portable reading light. It’s a cheerful gift for those avid readers if they desire the best book lights for reading in bed at night.


Most importantly, the neck reading light allows you to be hands-free, all you have to do is hang the light on your neck, and you will be available to do your knitting or reading with full attention. The seniors can use the neck reading light with a color temperature of 4500k to do their knitting or stitching, while the repairman or locksmith can be highly concentrated when working with the 6000k neck reading light. 

Amber Book Light


Amber book light or amber reading light, it is usually equipped with a small clip and functions by clipping on your book when you are reading, which results in the lightweight feature of an amber book light. Otherwise, the clipped book pages will be wrinkled or even damaged. Plus, a light amber book light will not make your hand sore and tired, so it poses no physical impacts when you are reading, so you can read for a long time. 


The amber book light material is acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), a highly lightweight material. Add a silicone anti-slip pad between the ABS clip to leave no scratch on your book pages or other soft planes.

3 color modes for bedside reading lamps

Many consumers may hold the question, what is the difference between amber book light and other book reading light? Or why is the amber book lights have to be named “amber”? Amber is a pure chroma color, located on the color wheel midway between the colors yellow and orange. The amber book light aims to protect your eyesight and offer you eye-caring, keeping you away from eye strain. The emphasis of the amber book light is that the amber book light provides you with the special amber mode (1800k) for your bed reading time. Most importantly, amber tints could reduce glare and blue light and increase contrast and visual acuity. 


During the day, people may go through many light manipulation interventions, which increase the participant's exposure to blue light and affect mood and alertness. Hence the amber book light helps people lessen exposure to blue light before bedtime. Scientifically, the upgraded amber book light will stimulate your body to produce more melatonin naturally. Also, you will have a better sleep quality after using the amber reading book light. So, if you need the best book  lights for reading in bed, an amber book light will be your first choice. 


Amber light resembles the light of sunset, which alerts the internal clock and reminds people of bedtime so that people will feel calm and peaceful with amber light. People in amber light will show significantly better sleep quality, and when people in amber surroundings will show more positive emotions and less negative emotions (depression and irritability). Therefore, people who suffer from sleep disturbance or mood dysregulation should pick the amber book light as their bedside reading lamp priority to improve their physical and mental health. 

a best book light has to be blue light filtered

Clip On Book Light


Generally, consumers are willing to use a clip on book light as a reading lamp clipping on a bed headboard or a bed reading light. The clip on book light is usually powered by household AC power, which causes a relatively large electric power consumption with brighter lighting, even reaching more than 200 lumens. It can also be conveniently powered with your laptop or power bank. But how to choose a good clip on book light? There are 4 factors you should evaluate before you make the purchasing decision. 


Firstly, you need to check the LED beads. With more well-distributed LED beads, the light can be brighter and more even. In addition, you should pay attention to the color modes and brightness levels. For instance, if you prefer reading in bed before sleep with the clip on book light, you should choose a clip on book light with amber mode(1800k-2000k). Besides, to provide you with a comfortable and peaceful environment, the brightness levels should be adjustable to meet your needs.


The width of the clip and anti-slip pads are the second factors that you should consider. If the clip is not widely opened, you will have difficulty clipping on the thick headboard or desk. Additionally, there is always an anti-slip pad to enlarge the fraction force, aiming to prevent sliding. Thus the clip on reading light holds more firmly, especially for the cylindric.

3 color modes& 5 brightness levels for a good bedside lamp

The 3rd consideration is about the gooseneck material. A well-designed clip on book light can be adjusted freely to the most comfortable position for you. If you buy a clip on book light with a metal gooseneck, sooner you’ll find out that after you spin the gooseneck sometimes, it will be pretty hard for you to rotate the gooseneck again, and even with gooseneck damage. Hence, a sound clip on reading light should be equipped with a flexible gooseneck, using metal+silicone material to offer dual protection. The threaded steel tube inside the gooseneck won’t break easily, and the gooseneck won’t bounce back when you use it. The silicone cover can mute the noise when you bend the gooseneck and offer you a comfortable soft hand feeling.  


Due to a long time of use, the lampshade might be overheating and result in potential safety problems. Therefore, when picking your clip on book light, do not forget to choose one with heating dissipation designed lamp shades to prevent overheating. 


In short, this type of clip on book light is not portable, owing to its bigger size and heavier weight. On the contrary, it’s more suitable with a fixed clip to be an illuminant in a particular place. Compared with other types of book lights, the clip on reading light will be comparatively more expensive. 

Book Light for Kids


Many children are fond of sleeping with reading storybooks in a soft lighting environment, so it is vital to choose a good book light for kids. Considering 2 main aspects when you need to buy a suitable book lamp for your kids: the children's safety and CRI (color rendering index). 


When you try to buy some products or toys for your kids, you should be well aware of the products’ authentication from CPC (Children’s Products Certificate). Since all the manufacturers and importers of children’s products must certify in a written Children’s Product Certificate based on test results from a CPSC-accepted laboratory (Consumer Product Safety Act), their children’s products comply with applicable children’s products safety rules. 

CPC authentication of bedside reading lamps for kids

Secondly, the shape and material of the book light should be children-friendly, which means the book light won’t pose any harm to children. For example, the book light for kids should have short-circuit protection and a no-sharp design to protect children from getting an injury. Furthermore, a suitable book reading light for kids should be lightweight to avoid falling on the kids. 


When it comes to picking the right book reading light for your kids, CRI (Color Rendering Index) for lighting plays a role. CRI is the measurement of how light affects how you see color. Meanwhile, CRI measures the capability of a light source to reveal the colors of objects in contrast to a natural light source. 


According to the Color Rendering Index Chart, on a scale from 0 to 100. 





Daylight (75), Cool White (60)



Warm White (55)

If you want the pictures in those storybooks to be vivid and attractive, you need to buy book lights with high CRI. Therefore, as we can see from the table above, the higher the CRI, the better the lighting. Choosing lighting with a higher CRI rating so you can be sure that your kids are getting the most accurate color portrayal during the bed reading time. 

the best book reading light has a high CRI rate

Last but not least, a good book reading light for kids will have different color modes and brightness levels to meet all the needs under other circumstances. Most importantly, the amber mode is essential to a great extent because the blue light filtration with amber mode can be relatively eye-caring for kids. 


Take Glocusent book lights for kids as an example. It’s lightweight, portable, and has round shapes. Most importantly, it has the CPC authentication, amber mode to filter the blue light, and a high CRI rate of 98.


There are 4 main types of book lights in the current market: neck light, amber book light, clip on book light and book lights for kids. Most of them are affordable, portable, rechargeable, and come in handy. You will need to compare a broad range of products according to your needs and preferences. You may need to pay more attention to the functions and the light effects of the book lights to choose the most suitable book lamp.


Feel free to share this article with your bookworm friends if you found it is helpful, or you can leave your thoughts below. If you want to discuss more about book lights, you can reach out to us at

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