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Best Neck Lights


A neck light is an innovative product designed by Glocusent to provide light while reading or doing other engaging activities in low-light conditions. The neck light is portable, lightweight, compact, and can be adjusted to fit comfortably around the neck.

Glocusent provides a wide range of neck lights in various color options, styles, and features including rechargeable batteries, flexible arms, adjustable brightness levels, different charging options, etc. So, if you want to bid goodbye to eye strain, and read or work uninterrupted anytime and anywhere, explore Glocusent for the best neck light for reading!


Glocusent LED Neck Light


Glocusent LED neck reading light is a blessing for people who enjoy reading before bed or who need to read or do focused work in dimly lit areas.

This ingenious neck lamp for reading can help you read, knit, and focus while working when the surrounding light is insufficient, such as on a plane, train, or in a car. By keeping this product handy, book lovers and avid workers can pursue their passion undeterred and without disturbing others with blazing overhead lights.

Also, the price of LED neck lights at Glocusent is pretty reasonable and ranges between $20 - $30. So, if you are looking for the best neck light for reading, knitting, and other such meticulous activities, at a good price, Glocusent is your one-stop destination.


Frequently Asked Questions


1- Apart from the neck book light, what are the other available types of book lights?

Apart from the neck book light, Glocusent provides three more types of book lights including amber book light, kids book light and clip-on light. The features of all these variants are as follows:

Neck book light: The neck book light is a U-shape product designed to fit comfortably around your neck and provide adequate lighting while reading, knitting, or performing other focused activities.

Amber book light: The amber book light is designed to provide a bright and even beam of light in dim-light conditions. The product comes with a small clip-on to help you clamp the light on a book or a desk to help you read or work uninterrupted.

Kids book light: This book light comes in the form of a bookmark that can be attached to any book to provide comfort to your eyes and help you read with sufficient illumination and without disturbing others around you.

Headboard clip-on light: As the name goes, this book light is specifically designed to clip on headboards, tables, desks, etc. to provide focused illumination whenever required.

All these variants by Glocusent are available in different styles, colors, features, and prices to cater to the unique needs of different people.


2- How do neck lights work?

Neck lights typically work by emitting a focussed beam of light to illuminate the pages of a book or any other reading material.

Glocusent neck lights provide variable brightness levels to provide customized illumination, are convenient to use, and can be powered by batteries, power banks, or USB cables to help readers protect their eyes and continue reading in low-light conditions.

3- What is the difference between Glocusent Neck Light and Glocusent Upgraded Neck Light?

Our upgraded reading light narrowed the width of the neck area to ergonomically fit your neck (thickness changed from 2.5cm to 1.2cm). The neck light is 4.52 Oz only, and you won’t even feel there is a thing on your neck, which creates a more comfortable and relaxing reading experience. Additionally, it has a 30 minutes auto-off timer function in case you fall asleep during leisure reading. Your greatest reading companion.