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Focusing without Disturbing

Glocusent Neck Reading Light

The Innovative Reading Experience with Eye-caring Mode & Ergonomic Design

Wirecutter Recommended

Bookmark Style Reading Light

Specially Designed for Bookworms & Kids with Love

Designed for bookworms

Mini Clip-on Reading Light

You take care of beloved ones, we take care of your eyes.

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I love this for working on small projects or cars. There are 3 different type of light outputs white,blue, and yellow. I like using this when I do some soldering, but would be great for reading in the dark. Only thing is that it's a bit bigger than expected. I wish it more adjustable. If you have a small neck, it may not fit.


Sometimes I let my daughter read at bedtime and she like to read by flashlight. I gave her this and she just loves them. Bright enough to read with no problem, and is easily rechargeable which saves me on flashlight battery money immensely. She now has both hands free which is a lot more comfortable for her. She loves them.


If you love to stay up late reading like me this is the perfect light for you! You can adjust the brightness, turn one side off (my hubby loves that), the arms are bendable to adjust and no worries about batteries dying because it's rechargeable! How could you go wrong? You can't! I would definitely love to get more for my kiddos!

Melissa B. (VINE VOICE)

I was looking for a light that wouldn't bother my sleeping wife and this looked promising. Book lights have always been overlooked by designers- until now. This light is amazing. It offers various light levels and light qualities AND the ability to recharge its batteries. Unheard of! It's easy to clip on your book and the neck of the light is stiff enough to bend it into any position and stay there. Glocusent has taken the book light into the 21st century. Bravo!

Wayne s.

This is perfect for traveling with. It was a little larger than I expected but turned out to be the perfect size needed for the place I stayed at didn't have a great mirror with lighting. The LED lighting is bright and I was really glad I got this! Very well made and no risk of breakage!

Christy VR

I originally bought it as a birthday present for my mum, and she really likes it because its lightweight and the 10X magnification mirror. And she told the LED lighting on the magnified mirror side can be adjusted steplessly. My mum is not so good at complicated products, but this mirror light is just like designed specifically for her! Mum is now using it every single day, I am really happy that I selected such nice product for my mum to use. Thank you Glocusent!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a reading light?

Reading light is generally referred to as a book reading light. Specifically, it’s an electric light that sheds light on your reading material; for people who want to read at night, do some reading in a darker environment, or even do some knitting, a suitable book light may come in handy.

2.What is color temperature?

Color temperature refers to a system using numerical values to measure the color characteristics of a light source on a spectrum ranging from warm to cool colors. The numerical values can be indicated as degrees Kelvin, noted by the symbol K. In layman's saying, color temperature signifies a way of describing a light source's warmth or coolness color features. The lower the color temperature, the yellower the light; the higher the color temperature, the whiter the light.

3.What is the difference between lumen and watt?

Lumen and watt measure different things for sure. Watts refers to how much energy the light bulb uses, while lumen indicates the light bulb's brightness or the light output of a light bulb. Watts do not tell you how bright the bulb is, but lumens do.

4.What is the suitable lumen for each type of book reading light?

Lumen measures the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source per unit of time. Lumens are now a new way of knowing how bright a lamp or a book reading light is. The brightness level of a book light associates closely with the lumen. You might need different book lights in various reading environments depending on your needs.

Neck Light: 60 lumens will be bright enough for the neck reading light. For instance, 60 lumens enable you to see the stitches and patterns clearly, even with brunet yarns; with 60 lumens, you can also read in bed before sleep.

Amber Book Light: As for the amber light, 20 lumens are commonly preferred. The soft and gentle amber light will stimulate your body to produce more melatonin naturally. It is widely used for reading in bed before sleep with the special amber mode.

Book Light for Kids: Children are commonly perceptive to strong lights when reading, especially using a book reading light due to some reading before sleep. Therefore, the light has to be soft, gentle, and eye-caring for kids. 15 lumens are preferable when choosing a book reading light for kids when reading before bed.

Clip-On Light: The clip-on book light requires more lumens.Because they generally have bigger sizes and heavier weights. Hence, consumers usually use clip-on book lights as fixed bed reading lamps or a reading light clipping on the bed headboard. For a well-designed clip-on book light, reaching more than 150 lumens is a common practice to light up the entire bedroom, not only for book reading.

5.What is CRI (color rendering index)?

CRI is the acronym for color rendering index, and you can usually see it when browsing some lighting bulbs and fixtures. In general terms, CRI measures a light source's ability to show object colors "realistically" or "naturally" under an artificial white light source compared with sunlight. In other words, the higher the CRI, the more attractive and vibrant your lighting objects will be .

6. Which book light is right for you?

While choosing the right book light, you would need to consider certain factors including brightness levels, the comfort of usage, portability, charging options, battery power, style, and cost.

Considering all these essential attributes, Glocusent offers some of the best neck lights for reading that are compact and easy to use, provide different brightness levels and charging options, reduce eye strain, and provide optimum comfort to the reader in low-light conditions.