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Glocusent Mini Clip-On Reading Light | Amazon Hot New Release

  • [A WEEK+ AWAY FROM CHARGING] The book light is USB-C rechargeable. The built-in 1000 mAh battery provides 8 – 80 hours of powerful, non-diminishing brightness based on your brightness setting. Its long-lasting time allows you far away from charging at least 1 week if you use it for 30 mins per day. 4 power indicators are located on the panel and so you can tell how much power is left at any time.
  • [LESS EYE STRAIN]The reading light has 3 different modes: amber, warm and natural. The amber mode(1600K) is also eye protection mode since it is blue light blocking. The warm mode(3000K) is also a novel reading mode since it brings a soft and sweet feeling to you. The natural mode(5000K) simulates natural daylight in the daytime. Choose the one you like freely.
  • [BRIGHT AS YOU NEED] The reading lamp has 16 evenly spread LED beads. No flickering and no dazzling. 5 brightness levels adjustable from high to low. It is bright enough for you to read. And at the same time, dim enough to not disturb others nearby. Enjoy your private reading time.
  • [STEADY & PORTABLE] The clamp is steady and sturdy. The max opening height is 1.8 inches and it is easy to clip on up to the 1-inch thick book. Flexible anti-slip pad equipped. The weight of the book light is only 2.22 oz. It is small, lightweight, and compact enough to throw in your purse.
  • [Product Quality Guarantee] FCC, CE, RoHS, PSE & C-Tick approved. Worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service. Product Box Contains Book Light x1, USB-C cord x1, User Manual x1. Bookmark x1. NOTE: 1. NO ADAPTER INCLUDED. 2. A piece of film is placed on the touch-screen panel to avoid any potential scratches during the shipping, remove it before first use.


Your immersive reading assistant


Glocusent is dedicated to providing you an unique pure immersive reading world from the following 4 key perspectives: 


mini-sized and lightweight. compact and portable. long-lasting and rechargeable battery.

up to 80 hours reading time means you are away from the trouble for charge.

3 different color modes. amber mode for eye protection. warm mode for romantic novel reading. natural mode for article reading.

stand on your table or clip on your laptop, your book, your bed edge easily.

When Your Light Can Read Your Mind & Your Body


3 Color Temperatures|3 Different Moods 


When you are in Sleepy Mood, the Amber mode will create 1600k yellow temperature light to block the blue light and protect your eyes when you are reading calmly in bed. 


You can also see the Amber Mode as Night Mode Setting, it lessen the damage to sleep yet still creates enough light for you to read. As it promotes melatonin production in the evening and reduce eye strain, the lack of blue light leads our body to recognize that it's time to separate melatonin and to prepare to sleep, our body clocks can synchronizes with the environment so they can be healthily follow our natural daily wake-sleep cycle. 


The 3000k warm light source will easily build up a relaxing atmosphere for you to do Romantic or Novel reading after a long day at work. The soft and sweet temperature get you into the mood immediately, and let you read immersive without noticing the real world. Ideally this is the best light temperature for places where you relax, such as the bedroom, living area or even in the bathroom since this kind of color temperature gives you a cozy feeling. 


Natural mode with 5000k color temperatures restore the natural daylight at noon, it can get you focus and concentrate on your reading, and help you with better thinking. Simply consider it as a Working Mode to be used when you are reading documents or text books.

Adjustable, Rechargeable & Portable


Books are a uniquely portable magic. – Stephen King


As bookworms ourselves, we notice that we may want to have different levels of brightness when we are reading in different scenarios. It is always good to have more choices especially when the light is portable, that means we can bring it around and use it anywhere. 


From soft to strong, you can create a private reading space with a weak level for you alone when your beloved one is sleeping next to you, without disturbing your partner; or create a highly concentrating reading zone when you are doing some serious paperwork.


The book light is USB-C rechargeable. The built-in 1000 mAh battery provides 8 – 80 hours of powerful, non-diminishing brightness based on your brightness setting. The Long battery lifespan can save money and save the earth.

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Fast & Free Shipping

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30 Days Money Back Guarantee

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Glocusent Mini Clip-On Reading Light | Amazon Hot New Release