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Rechargeable, LED book lights by Glocusent

Glocusent has an incredible range of rechargeable book lights - a blessing for avid book readers and people who love to work uninterrupted in dim light. These portable LED book lights are designed with rechargeable batteries, adjustable color temperatures, and brightness levels, and flexible neck arms or easy clip-ons to give you steady, focused, and convenient illumination at any time and anywhere without disturbing others.

Being powered by rechargeable batteries, these LED book lights make a sustainable and viable investment for anyone who loves to read or work before hitting the bed, while traveling in a car or on a plane or train, or in any other low-light conditions when one cannot use the glaring overhead lights. So, if you want to slough off darkness and avert discomforting eye strain, explore Glocusent to buy the best rechargeable book light at a good price.

Why Gloucosent's Book Lights are the Best?

Here are a couple of reasons assenting to the fact that Glocusent’s book lights are indeed the best book lights on the market.

  • Glocusent’s book lights come with several handy features including rechargeable batteries, charging options, adjustable and flexible neck arms or clip-ons, variable brightness levels, etc.
  • Rechargeable batteries eliminate the need for frequent battery placements, making these book-lights sustainable products.
  • The adjustable brightness levels help you customize the light intensity for alleviating eye fatigue and give you optimum comfort for doing your work uninterrupted.
  •  The variable color temperatures can help you do specific tasks with ease. For instance, you can use warm white light for leisure reading in bed and you can use cool white light for doing focused work.
  • All the book lamp variants by Glocusent are lightweight and can be wrapped comfortably around the neck or can be clipped on the book, desk, headboard, etc., to focus light on the desired area.
  • Glocusent’s book lamps are available in various hues and are priced reasonably for the incredible features they offer. The typical price range of rechargeable book lights by Glocusent is $15 - $25 depending on the varied features and attributes.

So, if you are looking for the best book light to read, write, knit, or do any other focused activity in low-light conditions, Glocusent is the best bet!


1- What are the different types of book lights?

There are 4 different kinds of book lights in general: neck light/ amber book light/ kids book light/clip-on lights.

Neck Light: Neck reading light distinguishes from those conventional book lights clipped on books. A neck light is designed in a U-shape with two lamp heads emitting the light. You can hang it around your neck to set your hands free when you are reading, knitting or repairing. The latest neck reading lights have new functions, such as CT adjustable, brightness levels adjustable, and even a timing function.

Amber Book Light: Amber reading light comes with a small clip and functions by clipping on your book when you are reading, which results in the lightweight feature of an amber book light. Otherwise, the clipped book pages will be wrinkled or even damaged. Plus, a light amber book light will not make your hand sore and tired, so it poses no physical impacts when you are reading, so you can read for a long time.

Kids Book Light: Many children are fond of sleeping with reading storybooks in a soft lighting environment, so it is vital to choose a good book reading light for kids. There are 2 main aspects to consider when you need to buy a suitable book lamp for your kids: the children's safety design and CRI ( color rendering index).

Clip-On Light: Clip-on book light is usually powered by household AC power, which causes a relatively large electric power consumption with brighter lighting, reaching more than 200 lumens. It can also be conveniently powered with your laptop or power bank.


2- What are the main parameters when choosing a suitable book light?

There are 3 crucial parameters to consider when picking a book light: brightness levels/color temperatures / CRI ( color rendering index). These 3 parameters determine the light quality of a book light and offer a wide range of light settings for various reading environments to meet your needs.


3- What is the suitable lumen for each type of book light?

Lumen measures the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source per unit of time. Lumens are now a new way of knowing how bright a lamp or a book reading light is. The brightness level of a book light associates closely with the lumen. You might need different book lights in various reading environments depending on your needs.

Neck Light: 60 lumens will be bright enough for the neck reading light. For instance, 60 lumens enable you to see the stitches and patterns clearly, even with brunet yarns; with 60 lumens, you can also read in bed before sleep.

Amber Book Light: As for the amber light, 20 lumens are commonly preferred. The soft and gentle amber light will stimulate your body to produce more melatonin naturally. It is widely used for reading in bed before sleep with the special amber mode.

Book Light for Kids: Children are commonly perceptive to strong lights when reading, especially using a book reading light due to some reading before sleep. Therefore, the light has to be soft, gentle, and eye-caring for kids. 15 lumens are preferable when choosing a book reading light for kids when reading before bed.

Clip-On Light: The clip-on book light requires more lumens.Because they generally have bigger sizes and heavier weights. Hence, consumers usually use clip-on book lights as fixed bed reading lamps or a reading light clipping on the bed headboard. For a well-designed clip-on book light, reaching more than 150 lumens is a common practice to light up the entire bedroom, not only for book reading. 


4- Why do you need to choose a rechargeable book light instead of using battery-powered ones?

The primary reason should be environmental health. There are billions of people who carry electronics that consume electricity, and these electronics include cell phones, laptops, and digital cameras. The batteries should be safely disposed of, but consumers toss millions of batteries into the trash every year. While throwing away batteries may seem harmless, it can have dire environmental effects. Each battery contains hazardous, toxic, and corrosive materials like mercury, cadmium, lithium, and lead. Therefore, all of us are supposed to decrease battery use and protect our earth.

While some consumers are willing to replace the batteries in devices very often, some may find it very troublesome and prefer the more sustainable option of charging the rechargeable batteries regularly. Also, the rechargeable book lights allow you to travel around without worrying about losing power. You can recharge your book light with any power source, such as a power bank, laptop, or car charger.