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Glocusent Releases Upgraded Neck Reading Light

DENVER, Colorado, May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Glocusent, a book reading light expert, has announced the availability of an upgraded version of the Glocusent neck reading light featuring a lighter and slimmer body with an extra timer setting functions. The new neck reading light has been developed based on the feedback of over 60,000 customers who used the original Neck Reading Light, which has been a Best Seller on Amazon for the last three years. The latest one is more lightweight and portable, creating a private reading zone for book lovers to read comfortably at any time.

The Glocusent upgraded neck reading light is designed for an improved immersive reading or knitting experience:

  • 3 Eyecare Color Temperatures: The 2 LED heads equally illuminate 3 temperatures based on the user’s preference: 1800K blue light filtered for bedtime reading, the amber color soft light reduces eye strain and promotes melanin generation; 3400k warm white light for general novel-reading; 6000k cool white to restore noon light for best concentration.
  • 3 Brightness Dimmable: It allows for the brightness to be adjusted based on the surrounding environment, enabling reading with ease.
  • Powerful Rechargeable Battery: 1000mAh lithium battery enables continuous light to last for 80 hours and is designed with a safety chip to avoid short circuits. Unlike other rechargeable lights, this neck light is USB-C rechargeable to make it easier for seniors to insert the cord.
  • 30-min Timer: Considering many readers fall asleep when reading with the light on, Glocusent added a timer setting to the neck reading light to allow readers to fall asleep without worrying about turning off the light.
  • Slim & Light, Strong & Flexible: The neck is only 128g/4.5oz with a width of 0.7in/1.8cm. While wearing on the neck, it has an airy feeling which allows users to enjoy long reading sessions without noticing time flying by. Both arms are made with threaded steel pipe and covered with silicone and it can shift light focus easily without damaging the inner cords.

The original neck reading light was a successful product; the new neck reading light maintains all the positive aspects and has made further improvements and it can be confidently stated that the new neck reading light will be even more successful. This new neck light is now available on Glocusent’s Amazon store and website, with more colors coming soon. All Glocusent lights come with a 1.5-year warranty. For more details or to engage with us for a potential partnership, please email 

About Glocusent:

Glocusent is a lighting product company that believes light is a critical element in capturing magical moments. As an expert in book lights, Glocusent is dedicated to proposing original, novel & trustworthy book lights. Since 2019, Glocusent has brought light to over 1 million customers worldwide and has become one of the most popular online sellers of book lights. Glocusent refers to three core principles: glory, focus, and moments. 

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