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Media Release | Upgraded Mini Clip-on Light by Glocusent

October 11th, 2021

Mini Clip-on Light by Glocusent Is a Gamechanger for Bookworms, and Knitting Lovers


Denver, Colorado  – Glocusent is excited to announce the launch of an original Lightweight Rechargeable Clip-on Reading Light, a little eye caring book light that can be carried around in your pocket. It will be up for sale from today. 

The Lightweight Rechargeable Clip-on Reading Light is the lightest clip-on light in the market, the little body is only 1.41Oz. Despite the tiny size of the light, it is powerful enough with a 650mAh rechargeable battery which can last the light for 80 hours at the dimmest level. The light is also smart enough with 3 color temperatures x 3 brightness levels adjustable: 

  • The Amber Mode (1,800K) is designed for reading before bed. This color temperature is carefully chosen and designed by our engineer for better eye-caring and for better sleep after reading in bed. The blue light filtered light can effectively avoid your eyes strain and stimulate your body to produce more melatonin naturally.
  • The Soft Mode (3,400K) is for general reading, and it is comfortable to use when you are enjoying your romantic or sci-fi stories.
  • 6,000K is the color temperature that restores natural daylight, and it brings you the best focus so you can concentrate highly when you are doing precise work.

For more details and pictures please visit the following link:

The product designer of Glocusent, Mason, stated that ‘It is always the detail that can touch our picky customers’ hearts, and I think we did it with this little light’.


About Glocusent:

Ever since we saw our first sunrise illuminate the beautiful Colorado Springs, we’ve become a lighting product company that believes that light is a critical element to capturing the magic in moments. No progress was ever made in the dark, and we’re here to deliver that light to ensure that our users are always progressing. From neck lights to portable ring lights, every one of our products is designed to provide light in a way that’s simple and convenient. At Glocusent, we refer to three core principles; glory, focus, and moments.

Glory: We’re about bringing light to your life, and we believe life is filled with glory, whether that’s in your career or with your family. Let us shine a light on that glory.

Focus: Our team at Glocusent is focused on creating innovative lights and lamps that are convenient, smart, and tailored to its user. In the wise words of Roy T. Bennett, “Life is short; focus on what really matters; you should change your priorities over time.” With our lights, you can focus on what matters.

Moment: Moments are fleeting. Your lives are filled with beauty, romance, and happiness. Our innovative lights are there to help you capture the moments.

Contact Information:


Lilo P. Marketing Manager | +1 213 261 7566

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