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Glocusent Kids Reading Light User Manual

Glocusent Kids Reading Light User Manual

Words From The Product Designer

Hi, Bookworms,

When we design all Glocusent reading lights, we
hope our products are suitable for people of
different ages. We realize that kids' needs are
different, so we design a special clip-on reading
light for kids. This light can be used when
children do their homework, read comic books, or
complete scientific tasks.

That is how we come out with the clip-on
reading light for kids' ideas. When kids use it, I am
sure they will enjoy more vivid colors and
conveniences it brings.

Compared with other clip-on reading lights, the
CRI is above 95 and which means the light brings
your kids a more vivid magical world of cartoons
and comics. And it is specially designed with
short-circuit protection and all-around corners to
avoid accident.

Wish your kids enjoy reading time with this light.


glocusent kids reading light

glocusent kids reading light


  • Make sure to fully charge till the indicator light at the back turns green from red before the first use.
  • Please charge it at least once every 6 months to maintain the battery's lifespan.
  • Please avoid placing in an extreme temperature environment (either too hot or too cold).
  • Disposal: When you are ready to dispose of the product after wearing it out, please make sure to follow the instructions of your local government for environmental and safety purposes.


How to Charge the Kids Reading Light

  1. Simply plug the provided USB-C cable into the charging port, and connect it to a power charger.
  2. It takes about 2.0-2.3 hrs to fully charge.
  3. Please fully charge the product before its first use.

Note: The indicating light will turn red when the reading light is on charging, and indicating light will turn green when it is fully charged.


Product Specifications





5LM - 22LM

Color Temperature

1800K, 3400K, 6000K



Battery Capacity


LED Beads



2.7*1.3*1.5 IN /

6.7*3.3*3.7 CM


1.4 OZ / 40 G








Glocusent Clip-ON Reading Light for Kids x1

USB-C Charging Cable x1

User Manual x1
Bookmark x1



About Glocusent

Ever since we saw our first sunrise illuminate the
beautiful Colorado Springs, we’ve become a lighting
production company that believes that light is a critical
element to capturing the magic in moments. At
Glocusent, we refer to three core principles; glory,
focus, and moments.

Glory: We’re about bringing light to your life, and we
believe life is filled with glory, whether that’s in your
career or with your family. Let us shine a light on that

Focus: Our team at Glocusent is focused on creating
innovative lights and lamps that are convenient,
smart, and tailored to its user. In the wise words of
Roy T. Bennett, “Life is short; focus on what 
matters; you should change your priorities over time.”
With our lights, you can focus on what matters.

Moment: Moments are fleeting. Your lives are filled
with beauty, romance, and happiness. Our innovative
lights are there to help you capture the moments.


Glocusent Customer Support

Have questions, concerns, or feedback about Glocusent Clip-on Reading Light For Kids? Email us at, and our team will
respond to your email in a swift time.

For an extended 3-year warranty, please simply head to our website and register your

You are also welcome to chat with the product designer directly at




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